Lambeau Field Seat Color Top Pen - Green Bay Packers

Your signature will look a little cooler when you sign with a pen made of seat wood from the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

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This pen is crafted from an authentic stadium bench seat removed from Lambeau Field. In 1969, all of the wood was removed from Lambeau as the stadium transitioned to aluminum. This chrome-plated rollerball pen features the seat wood twice: the barrel is turned from the wood and the wood seat is also set in the top. Engraved "Seat from 1957-1969 Lambeau Field". Ships with rollerball cartridge (Schmidt P8126 or P8127), can also accept "Parker style" ballpoint refill cartridges. Each pen comes in an NFL gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The pen is conveniently sized, measuring 5" long and a slim 7/16" in diameter


Officially licensed by the National Football League.
The salvaged stadium seat wood or goal posts used to make these items have been procured directly from the teams or official team or NFL partners.
Each stadium seat product includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Your pen should provide years of trouble-free service but will need a refill cartridge from time to time. It ships as a rollerball (the super smooth, black, wet ink) but can also use a ballpoint refill. If you want a rollerball refill, look for the widely available Schmidt P8126 or P8127 capless rollerball refill. The "P" is important, a Schmidt 8126 or 8127 refill will be too long to fit this pen.

If you prefer a ballpoint refill (the oil based ink that lasts a long time but not as smooth writing) look for any Parker style ballpoint refill, also widely available.

If you experience difficulties finding a refill or if your pen needs repair please contact us.

The History of Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field was the first modern stadium built for an NFL franchise and is now the oldest continually operating NFL stadium. Originally called City Stadium when it opened in 1957, the name was changed eight years later to honor Curly Lambeau, who not only founded and played for the Packers but who also coached the team in its first three decades. In 1968, Vince Lombardi, renowned Packers coach and NFL icon, was honored when the stadium's street was named Lombardi Avenue. His success led to a increasing demand for tickets, such that every home game has been sold out since 1960 and there is an average waiting time of thirty years to purchase season tickets. Thus, Lambeau Field's seating has been steadily added to since 1961 and, today, it is more than twice its original capacity.