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Tokens & Icons brings new life and purpose to familiar objects that have a story to tell.

Custom & Corporate Portfolio

Tokens welcomes the opportunity to partner with teams, leagues, museums or companies on unique custom projects, like sterling silver cuff links made from soccer balls. If you have material that is being cycled out for wear or have an event to mark, please reach out to us. These may mark a renovation, an event or a franchise history moment with the goal of creating an impactful gift for stakeholders or an exclusive item for a retail effort.

What Makes Tokens Tick

Over the years Tokens has been admired for salvaging that which was destined for landfill and chastised for destroying things in perfectly good working order, like a vintage typewriter. Is it Rescuing, Recycling or Desecrating? We think of ourselves as simply taking existing materials, things that may now be unwanted but due to an emotional connection, we just can't stand to let go of. Real, existing materials for real, existing passions.

Waste Less - Remember More

Our first visit to the ballpark. You may remember never having seen grass cut so precisely, dirt that looked clean and wondered how a hot dog could smell so good. You sat in a weathered, wooden seat complete with gum on the bottom. Those old wooden chairs were there for all of it and we wanted to preserve and transform them into something that could get used, shared and maybe even win a smile as you think back on the grass, the dirt and the dogs.

The Stanleys

The NHL approached Tokens & Icons to create a Commissioner's Award to acknowledge annual team accomplishment. They coined it "The Stanley" and said only, "Think Oscars!"

Tokens prides itself in using "cycled out" game used artifacts, so we cut and bonded 11 plies of game used Winter Classic plexiglass. Then the glass was turned on a lathe for over 20 hours.

Like the Oscars, the awards ceremonies are festive affairs, thus far, all "slap shots" have been confined to the ice.

Wear the Win

It was pandemonium at the Staples Center in LA when the Kings won the 2012 Stanley Cup Final. As relieved fans fist pumped & high-fived strangers, players celebrated & the Cup was paraded out on the ice, Tokens wanted to extend this feeling for years to come. We requested a puck from Deciding Game 6 and the League happily obliged.
Inspired by the Final Round puck visuals – the two Team names, the game number, and the FINAL logo – we created a collection of cuff links so the Kings could Wear the Win long after the game ending horn sounded.

Tokens has partnered in this tradition with the NHL & MLB ever since. Browse the portfolio for a sampling of past work.

Pinstripes in our Pockets

Our popular game used Uniform Wallets started with a challenge back in 2009 when old Yankee Stadium was being demolished. Learn the behind-the-scenes on how we came to walk around with pinstripes in our pockets.