Mann Cuff Links

  • These cuff links were crafted by jewelry artist Thomas Mann.
  • Solid sterling silver with a swivel finding, each cuff link measures 3/4" in diameter.
  • Each pair of cuff links comes gift-boxed.

The number 2 might be of interest for a multitude of reasons: day or the month you were born, lucky number, heck Derek Jeter liked it well enough. Or the number 2000 might have particular significance: year married, year graduated from college etc.

This unique design was created in 1999 by New Orleans jewelry metalsmith Thomas Mann for the much anticipated year 2000. While American commercialism can sometimes overdo it, Tom’s cool interpretation caught my eye. Collaborating with Tom via a licensee arrangement, L'art de Vivre, a luxury goods catalog and one of our top customers, thought so highly of the resulting cuff links that they chose to feature them in a NY Times Sunday Magazine ad.

This ad had a lovely response which was rewarding! We had some inventory anticipating projected product sales which never materialized and keeping with our general policy of not discounting, we safely stored the stock.  We recently stumbled across these classic reminders of Y2K and as with certain timeless works, they look just as rich today.  

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Additional Product Information

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