It takes effort to make it to the pros and even more to make it through a long season and then that extra push to excel throughout the playoffs and the Championship.  Tokens recognizes that effort and our league relationships with an effort of our own for senior league & team management.  T-shirts fade.  Tokens cuff links, watches & celebration cork stoppers keep the Championship close at hand for years to come.

Sterling Silver Cuff Links crafted from top and bottom of Game 6 puck.

The simple origin of Wear the Win was attending Game Six of the 2012 Stanley Cup Final in Los Angeles when the L.A. Kings captured their first Cup. Seeing the pageantry of the Cup paraded out to the ice, we got to thinking about how we could assist the Team in celebrating the Championship. We requested a puck from the last game and the League happily obliged.

It was so cool to see all the special markings on these Final Round pucks – the two Team names, the game number, and the FINAL logo – all great visuals to make really special cuff links.

LA Kings Stanley Cup Final Cuff Links

L.A. Kings’ President Luc Robitaille's way of saying thanks to the League was forwarding this photo the morning of his preparation for the January 19, 2013 banner raising.

Luc Robitaille, President L.A. Kings

As the NHL gifted the puck to us, we thought it was only right the cuff links be gifted back to the team. Noting that Luc appreciated our effort, we soon extended the tradition to our MLB relationships. We presented the Red Sox with Cuff Links and Pendants from a deciding game ball from their 2013 World Series win.

Celebrating the 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox

At the time MLB was also collecting and authenticating champagne corks popped in the watery locker room celebrations. We thought those would make a fun wine stopper at the table.

Champagne Cork Wine Stopper.

Sterling Silver band engraved with team achievement.

Mario Alioto; Senior VP, Business Operations at SF Giants

Stanley Cup Final 2016 - Penguins

Stanley Cup 2016 Final - Penguins

Accompanying Authenticity Card

A Nice Thank You from #66

Celebrating the Patriots 2015 Super Bowl win with Watches & Cuff Links from a game ball.

Celebrating the Patriots in 2015 with game used Super Bowl Football Watch & Cuff Links


When Robert Manfred became Commissioner of MLB in 2015, we shared a gift of cuff links from the first game of the season. The cuff links featured his signature which, as commissioner, is on each official MLB baseball.