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European Coin Necklace#Coin__Irish Pound
European Coin Necklace
Sale priceFrom $100.00
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Italian Lire Cuff LinksItalian Lire Cuff Links
Italian Lire Cuff Links
Sale price$220.00
French Franc Cuff Links#Select Coin__French Franc - Gold
French Franc Cuff Links
Sale priceFrom $200.00
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#Bezel Style__Sterling Silver Solid BezelSpanish Peseta Cuff Links
Spanish Peseta Cuff Links
Sale price$200.00
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Roman Coin Cuff LinksRoman Coin Cuff Links
Roman Coin Cuff Links
Sale price$300.00
VOC Coin Cuff LinksVOC Coin Cuff Links
VOC Coin Cuff Links
Sale price$225.00
#Bezel Style__Sterling Silver Solid BezelIrish Pound Cuff Links
Irish Pound Cuff Links
Sale priceFrom $200.00
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German Mark Cuff LinksGerman Mark Cuff Links
German Mark Cuff Links
Sale price$200.00

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