UC Berkeley California Memorial Stadium Bench Bookshelf

Celebrate the stadium seats from which Cal Bears fans have cheered on their school for generations.

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This unique bookshelf is crafted from authentic bench seat wood and supported by the original stanchions from Cal Memorial Stadium. Hand crafted by Berkeley artisan Ron Trumble, this shelf was created for fans of the Cal Bears.  

The shelf features the original iconic blue paint and the weathered surface from which Cal fans cheered the Bears throughout the years.

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Shelf measures 66" long, 6" deep, and 2.5" thick.

Stanchions measure 15" tall, giving the shelf a total height from top to bottom of 19.25" high.



When renovation on the Stadium began in 2010, Cal Athletics officially licensed Tokens & Icons to offer gift items and furniture from the historic venue's benches. As much of the wood was painted long ago with lead based paint, Tokens & Icons carefully hand-selected and is working solely with the more recent lead-free painted benches. Tokens & Icons hand-picked and transported bench wood and stanchions previous to the renovation of California Memorial Stadium.

Cal Memorial Stadium Renovation

From the time California Memorial Stadium opened in 1923, Golden Bear fans faithfully cheered from blue and gold seats for 88 seasons, creating scores of unforgettable memories for generations of football fans. In 2009 & 2010 Cal Memorial was renovated & Cal Athletics officially licensed Tokens & Icons to offer gift items and selected us to be an official partner for accessories & furniture from the historic venue's benches. We hand-picked and transferred the bench wood to our warehouse facility in Berkeley, California.

In addition to the Cal Memorial wood items, Tokens also works with Cal game used uniforms, footballs and helmets. Several paths to elicit a "where on earth did you get that?" from the Bears fan in your life.