NHL Game Used Stick Blade Craft Beer Flight Collection

An ice-to-table unique offering to get your team talking. Hockey stick blades coming into play one last time as a beer flight. Bumps, bruises & blemishes included.

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Off-the-ice and over-the-top. These unique flights will get them talking at your next hockey party. Each flight is crafted from an NHL game used hockey stick blade available from your favorite team.
Tape is carefully unwound from the carbon fiber blade and 3 holes are drilled to accommodate glasses (3 glasses included). Metal rings are placed in the holes to safety the edges.
Note that as the blades take the brunt of the contact in the frantic effort of getting a puck in the net, there may be "battle tattoos" Stick may be left or right and markings may vary. Mounted on NHL plexi and laser engraved with team name.

These are extra special gifts for the hockey fan who (thought) they had everything.
Comes in kraft box.

Beer Blade flights measure 15"L x 3"H x 4"D


Officially licensed by the National Hockey League.

The game used sticks used to make these beer flights are procured directly from the NHL teams or official NHL partners. Includes a tamper-evident hologram sticker to ensure authenticity. Look up hologram's unique number at Authentication to learn details of stick's game history.


Blade Beer Flights

We were perplexed about the blades, the business end of the stick that takes a ferocious beating on the ice colliding with pucks, skates, other sticks and the boards. Luckily, most players wrap tape around their blades to "soften" them and help with puck handling. We found upon removing the tape, the blade's carbon fiber was not only intact but revealed a handsome natural carbon fiber pattern. One artisan, three holes & three glasses later we have takeoff. The Blade Beer Flight.