New York Subway Bench Pen

This pen is crafted from an authentic subway bench secured directly from the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority.

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Wood features the weathered surface of benches used in the New York City Subway System over the decades. Quality nickel-plated hardware. Engraved "Authentic New York City Subway Platform Bench". Officially licensed by the MTA, each pen comes gift-boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Measures 6-1/2"


Officially licensed by the MTA

Your pen should provide years of trouble-free service but will need a refill cartridge from time to time. It ships as a rollerball (the super smooth, black, wet ink) but can also use a ballpoint refill. If you want a rollerball refill, look for the widely available Schmidt P8126 or P8127 capless rollerball refill. The "P" is important, a Schmidt 8126 or 8127 refill will be too long to fit this pen.

If you prefer a ballpoint refill (the oil based ink that lasts a long time but not as smooth writing) look for any Parker style ballpoint refill, also widely available.

If you experience difficulties finding a refill or if your pen needs repair please contact us.

New York City Subway Benches

Beginning in 2012, the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority began replacing their wooden platform benches with new metal ones. The first benches were made by the Hudson Design Service in Jersey City, New Jersey, and they seated four people.

Later the design was stretched to ten feet to accommodate six travelers. Since 1987, the benches had also been manufactured by Theodore G. Bayer & Sons in Pennsylvania, which estimates that it has made roughly 4,000 of them. Since 1997, the benches had been made with high dividers to demarcate the six individual seats.

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