MLB Ballpark Seat Color Top Pen

Baseball stadiums are the most storied buildings in all of sports. Write your own story with a pen crafted from a wooden seat from your favorite ballpark.

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The 1970s found most Major League Ballparks converting to plastic seats from wood. Each pen is crafted from the wooden seats of historic ballparks which hold (or once held) our best loved sports memories.
This chrome-plated rollerball pen's barrel is turned from the wooden bench or seat. The colored disc at top features the original paint. Due to the age of the wood and uniqueness of the seats, no two pens will be exactly the same.
Note for Shea Stadium: although the stadium debuted with wooden seats, there are so few in existence, we use dugout bench wood instead. The colored disc at the top is laser cut from a plastic Shea seat.  For Busch we use wooden bleacher wood for the barrel and discs laser cut from the red plastic seats for the top. 
Each pen comes in an MLB themed gift box.

Warning: This product may contain one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

The pen is conveniently sized, measuring 5" long and a slim 7/16" in diameter


Officially licensed by Major League Baseball.

All Ballpark Seat items are made from seat wood removed before the MLB Authentication Program began. The wood we use is from authentic vintage stadium seats from two MLB-approved and trusted resources with whom we have worked since 2006.  Note, as New York's Shea Stadium never had wooden seating, we have used Shea dugout bench for the pen barrel.

Each item includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Your pen should provide years of trouble-free service but will need a refill cartridge from time to time. It ships as a rollerball (the super smooth, black, wet ink) but can also use a ballpoint refill. If you want a rollerball refill, look for the widely available Schmidt P8126 or P8127 capless rollerball refill. The "P" is important, a Schmidt 8126 or 8127 refill will be too long to fit this pen.

If you prefer a ballpoint refill (the oil based ink that lasts a long time but not as smooth writing) look for any Parker style ballpoint refill, also widely available.

If you experience difficulties finding a refill or if your pen needs repair please contact us.

When The Game Ends

When the game ends, the memories begin.  If you were lucky enough to be at Game 6 of the World Series at Fenway in 2013, you'll have some lifelong memories to share, like the Ortiz speech thanking Boston and the best fans in baseball.

Fenway is the only stadium in baseball to still have some wooden seats after other parks have transitioned to plastic.  These weathered, wooden fold-down chairs have allowed us to keep these memories alive as pens, watches and cuff links. Not just for Fenway but for the stadiums of the past that had wood seats that were there for it all.

These pieces say much more than which team you root for.  They reveal your passion for the past and give you a chance to share your memories.