Collegiate Game Used Uniform Friendship Bracelet

Keep these powerhouse Universities close with friendship bracelets are made out of actual pieces of game worn Collegiate football uniforms.
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These bracelets are made from regular season game used Collegiate football jerseys from the university of your choice. Uniforms are sewn and threaded with bamboo cords that feature team colors, which are subtly revealed through the mesh material. Each bracelet comes in a Tokens & Icons gift box with an authentication instruction card. 

Each bracelet is adjustable from 6" - 9" to fit most wrists, with a silver plated charm attached.


Each game used artifact we work with is authenticated by the University as game used. The artifacts we source are each accompanied by a certifying document from the University that authenticates the item as game used. The NCAA has enhanced guardrails for use of "player name, image & likeness" and in order to comply, the certifying documents we receive do not reveal the player name and may not even specify the game or the season/year the artifact was used. We want to be respectful of the players and these guidelines so our authentication extends only as far as what the University is willing to share.

Uniform, Helmet & Football Artifacts: Tamper evident hologram sticker affixed to product allows online lookup of University authentication as game used.


As friendship bracelets are often worn continuously, we recommend cutting off the hologram and keeping in the gift box for safe keeping. Having your hologram number provides lifetime access to the game details.

A Little Bit Beaten and Off the Beaten Path

Tokens Collegiate Collections are crafted for grads, alums & those still toughing it out toward their degree. Much of sports related items are built around the school logos which tend to be front & center... and rather large. The idea behind this was to create something understated. Take wallets made from smooth European style leather on the outside, revealing a flash of colorful uniform inside. The kind of wallet that can go to the game and afterward be shared with fellow faithful over dinner in a fine restaurant.

Remember the splinters from the hard, cold benches you cheered your team from? We get rid of those but we leave the rest of the weathered cracks, bumps, bruises & blemishes intact to remind you how tough it was as you open a beverage from the safety of your sofa.

Celebrate achievement and your school in a unique way... the logo printers won't mind.