Honolulu Transit Token Pendant

This pendant is crafted from an authentic quarter-sized Honolulu transit token which was first minted in 1951.

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    These pendants are crafted from authentic Honolulu transit tokens and set in a sterling silver bezel. Each pair comes gift-boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

    Measures approximately 1" in diameter.


    In 2007 Tokens & Icons began the Collector's Transit Token Series to celebrate the transit histories of America's mid-sized cities. Many of the trollies and rail systems for which these tokens were once minted are now defunct. Once currency, these tokens are rare and hard-to-find mementos and, therefore, the cuff links in this collection are often subject to availabilty.

    Periodic cleaning with a silver cloth is recommended.

    Honolulu Rapid Transit

    The Honolulu Rapid Transit (HRT) was founded in 1898 on the same day that Hawaii was annexed by the US. In 1925, the HRT began operating buses and, in 1951, it minted "Hula" bus tokens which were not put into circulation. In 1971, the transit system was renamed "TheBus." It is the only organization twice recognized as America's Best Transit System by the American Public Transportation Association.