Collegiate Stadium Seat or Arena Floor Watch

Celebrate the past while keeping time in the present with this watch, hand crafted from an authentic Collegiate stadium seat or arena floor.
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If you can't make it to the venue for the game, maybe the venue can make it to you. These unique watches are crafted from wood stadium seats or arena floors from Universities where sports pride is a prerequisite for graduation.

Michigan Stadium features redwood bench seating that existed from 1927 - 2005.
Ohio is crafted from authentic virgin, reserve seat wood, which was part of the original shipment of seat wood to Ohio Stadium and was set aside for future repairs and replacement.
UC Berkeley is crafted from authentic California Memorial Stadium bench wood, which was in use from 1923 - 2010.
Kansas Allen Fieldhouse basketball floor is from 1992 - 2005 where the Jayhawks won 62 consecutive games at home.
Stanford Maples Pavilion basketball floor is from 1969 - 2004.
Each watch has brushed stainless steel case and the caseback is engraved with the school name. Italian cognac leather strap with contrast stitching. Mineral crystal, battery operated Swiss movement. Each watch comes gift-boxed with certificate of authenticity.
Watches have a 40mm stainless steel bezel. Durable leather strap measures 197mm (approx. 7-3/4"), standard for most wrists.


Officially licensed by CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) & the University.

The salvaged stadium seat wood used to make these items have been procured directly from the Universities or official University partners.

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An authenticity card is included with each item.

Note, in the case of Ohio Stadium the wood is reserve redwood which was part of the original shipment of seat wood to Ohio Stadium and was set aside for future repairs and replacement. Later the Stadium switched to plastic and aluminum seats.


Watches have a one year warranty from date of purchase.

The movement uses a type 364 battery, should replacement be required, take to your local jeweler or send to us. 

If you need a replacement strap or prefer a longer strap or one in black please visit Leather Watch Straps.

Michigan Stadium Seat Wood

Twenty-two miles of California redwood bleacher-style seats were installed prior to the 1927 dedication of Michigan Stadium. In 1965, the benches were clad in blue fiberglass to prevent discoloration and further weathering of the wood. During an infrastructural upgrade at the Big House, a limited number of these seats were salvaged by a private party with a 30-year University relationship. On March 9, 2005, they were transported from the stadium grounds to private storage and ultimately to a warehouse about 300 yards from the stadium, where they’ve been preserved since 2010. A limited amount of this redwood bench seating has been entrusted to Tokens & Icons to create unique and tasteful gifts for the Michigan faithful.

Ohio Stadium Seat Wood

Ohio Stadium opened in 1922 and is known for its award-winning horseshoe shape which was designed by an Ohio-born architect, Howard Dwight-Smith. Though there was initial concern that the 66,210 opening capacity would be too large, 90,411 fans came to cheer the Buckeyes in 1925. After World War II, the Stadium was regularly sold out and seating accomodations increased every few years to keep up with demand. Today, the capacity is over 102 thousand seats and it is the fourth largest football stadium in the US. On the north side, the Stadium features a rotunda - originally inspired by the Pantheon in Rome - with stained glass windows of Buckeye teams. In 1974, after one of seven undefeated seasons that the Buckeyes have had in Ohio Stadium, the venue was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

California Memorial Stadium Seat Wood

From the time California Memorial Stadium opened in 1923, Golden Bear fans faithfully cheered from blue and gold seats for 88 seasons, creating scores of unforgettable memories for generations of football fans. From the Wonder Teams of the 1920s to the Pappy Waldorf years mid-century to the success attained in the 2000's, the venerable facility has treated fans of all ages to many of the greatest games in the history of Cal football. When renovation on the Stadium began in 2010, Cal Athletics officially licensed Tokens & Icons to offer gift items and furniture from the historic venue's benches. As much of the wood was painted long ago with lead-based paint, Tokens & Icons carefully hand-selected each bench piece and is working solely with the more recent lead-free painted benches.

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