Artifact: Collegiate Stadium Bottle Openers, Cuff Links, Watches, Pendants and Pens.

Source: Procured directly from the Universities or official University partners

Authentication: Collegiate Seat & Floor items authenticated with included Certificate of Authenticity.

All Collegiate Seat and Floor items are made from salvaged stadium seats or wood floor procured directly from the Universities or official University partners. In February 2014, Tokens debuted an online verification program. If your product has a hologram, please enter your unique number at our authentication page to learn more game or season details about your item. 

University of Michigan

Twenty-two miles of California redwood bleacher-style seats were installed prior to the 1927 dedication of Michigan Stadium. In 1965, the benches were clad in blue fiberglass to prevent discoloration and further weathering of the wood. During an infrastructural upgrade at the Big House, a limited number of these seats were salvaged by a private party with a 30-year University relationship. On March 9, 2005, they were transported from the stadium grounds to private storage and ultimately to a warehouse about 300 yards from the stadium, where they’ve been preserved since 2010. Working with Martin Vloet of Michigan Stadium Products, a limited amount of this redwood bench seating has been entrusted to Tokens & Icons to create unique and tasteful gifts for the Michigan faithful. Officially licensed by CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) & the University. Permission also given by Michigan Athletics.

Michigan Stadium

University of Michigan Bench Wood

Notre Dame

Notre Dame Stadium opened in October of 1930, only six months after its ground breaking. The head coach Knute Rockne spearheaded the project and was involved in the design. The plans were created by Osborn Engineering, a firm that worked on Yankee Stadium, Polo Grounds and Comiskey Park. The stadium is known for its view of The Word of Life, a mural on the adjacent Hesburgh Library, of resurrected Jesus, whose arms are raised. The figure looks like a referee calling a touchdown and, thus, it is known as "Touchdown Jesus."

Tokens makes a wide variety of items from not only the Stadium wood but also Notre Dame Game Used uniforms, footballs and helmets. Your chance for a home field touchdown.

Notre Dame Seat Wood

Notre Dame Certificate of Authenticity

Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium opened in 1922 and is known for its award-winning horseshoe shape which was designed by an Ohio-born architect, Howard Dwight-Smith. Ohio Stadium Wood products are made with reserve redwood which was part of the original shipment of seat wood to Ohio Stadium and was set aside for future repairs and replacement. Later the Stadium switched to plastic and aluminum seats.

Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium Seat Certificate of Authenticity

California Memorial Stadium

From the time California Memorial Stadium opened in 1923, Golden Bear fans faithfully cheered from blue and gold seats for 88 seasons, creating scores of unforgettable memories for generations of football fans. When renovation on the Stadium began in 2010, Cal Athletics officially licensed Tokens & Icons to offer gift items and furniture from the historic venue's benches. As much of the wood was painted long ago with lead-based paint, Tokens & Icons carefully hand-selected each bench piece and is working solely with the more recent lead-free painted benches.

Onloading hand picked selection of Cal Memorial Stadium wood benches and stanchions

Cal Memorial Stadium benches before 2010 renovation

Kansas Allen Fieldhouse

All floors and seats received directly from the schools or a licensed third party. Officially licensed by CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) & University of Kansas.

Piece of Kansas Allen Fieldhouse floor

Piece of Kansas Allen Fieldhouse floor

Cal Haas Pavilion

In 2017 the University of California at Berkeley approached Tokens to craft VIP gifts from their retiring Haas Pavilion basketball court. This floor was a dedicated basketball installation and was used from 2000 - 2017. The Haas Court was named in honor of Pete Newell who led Cal to the National Championship in 1959.

Cal Athletics and Tokens salvaged certain sections to transform into gift items and furniture.

We were present during the removal and worked with the demolition crew on selecting the best sections of court for this project. Besides approaching us for bottle openers and pens made specifically from one of the two "Cal" markings on their floor, Cal presented a unique request. They wanted Tokens to help gift the Newell family with the large floor section bearing their name. As Pete Newell had passed away nearly ten years prior, the task became how to share this floor with his four sons who are all involved with basketball in one way or another. Tokens' solution was four coffee tables each with a portion of the floor markings.

The Haas Pavilion section was also saved and turned into an industrial art wall hanging, which now resides in the athletic offices inside the arena.

Cal Haas Pavilion floor during 2017 renovation

Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium

Authenticated as seating removed from Alabama's Bryant-Denny stadium via included Certificate of Authenticity.

Plastic Seat from Bryant-Denny Stadium

Letter of Authenticity from Steiner Sports Chairman Brandon Steiner

Stanford Maples Pavilion

Tokens & Icons worked directly with Stanford University to acquire panels of Maples Pavilion basketball floor.

Stanford Maples Pavilion Floor

Stanford University Official Letter of Authenticity

Syracuse Carrier Dome

Officially licensed and secured directly from the Syracuse-Steiner Sports Team Partnership. Tokens & Icons has been a licensee of Syracuse since 2009.

Syracuse Carrier Dome Floor

Steiner Sports Letter of Authenticity

Artifact: Collegiate Stadium Bottle Openers, Cuff Links, Watches, Pendants and Pens.

Source: Procured directly from the Universities or official University partners

Authentication: Collegiate Seat & Floor items authenticated with included Certificate of Authenticity.