1800s Morgan Silver Dollar Money Clip

Put your money where your money is. Unique money clips that feature one of the most iconic & collectible coins of the realm: the classic Morgan Silver Dollar. Choose your chassis: sterling silver or leather money clip.

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Carry this most classic of coins two ways. Go all out with a heavy gauge sterling silver money clip with our signature three-prong setting to hold the coin securely but also reveal as much of the front and back of this enduring coin.
Or, opt for a leather money clip where you keep the cash under a strong magnetic clip on front, a few credit cards snugly in the two back pockets and your all-important driver's license in the inner pocket. Slides easily into front or rear pocket without bulk or bulge. The leather wallet is constructed of top quality pebble textured leather.
Each features a regal, authentic Morgan Silver Dollar minted from 1878-1899 at its center.

Each comes in a Tokens gift box.

Each Tokens & Icons leather money clip wallet measures 3" x 3-7/8".


Coins are sourced from reputable coin exchanges. Each Coin item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Can magnetic money clips erase data from credit cards?

Your cards are perfectly safe. There is a metal plate sewn into the wallet which virtually eliminates the magnetism transferred to the inner pocket or card slots on back.

Do these make good gifts?
Tokens has offered this style for almost 20 years and we find that once folks become accustomed to the compact, slim profile they may never go back to a billfold. Gifting Idea: if you are planning to give a gift card or good old cash, up your gifting game & present it one of our money clip wallets.

If you opt for sterling silver, periodic cleaning with a silver cloth will keep your money clip (and coin) in top condition.

A True Coin Classic

Tokens works closely with reputable coin exchanges to source these remarkably enduring coins, first minted in 1878 and very sought after by coin collectors to this day. The coin is named after its designer, United States Mint Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan. The front depicts a profile portrait representing Liberty, while the back depicts an eagle with wings outstretched.

What really gave the Morgan Dollar its Bitcoin-like moment was in the early 1960's when large quantities of unissued dollars were found in Treasury valuts. Collectors began hoarding them and their value has increased steadily. Unlike Bitcoin, these coins are 90% silver. Treat yourself or a loved one to this classic.

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