The Boeing 707 Tokens found (N880PA) in the desert was actually was used by Pan Am in commemoration of their entry into the Jet Age. Pan Am operated their inaugural 707 flight on October 26, 1958 and went from New York to Paris, covering 3,634 miles in 8 hours and 41 minutes.
By 1983 Pan Am had replaced all of its 707s, but wanted a celebration worthy of its historic achievement, duplicating as closely as possible the original inaugural flight. A Boeing 707 (N880PA) was reacquired and repainted to duplicate the color scheme used on the original 707 in 1958, they even added a unique decal to the side. To make the recreation even more authentic, popular magazines and newspapers from 1958 were placed in the seat pockets, movies of the year were shown on board. Even the dinner menu was adopted from the 1958 Maxim’s of Paris version used on the inaugural flight. Some 64 years later, we can get there a bit faster without having to refuel, but Pan Am set the standard for getting there in style.