Can I order a specific player or game?

Over the years we have been asked to provide player names prior to an order being placed. This is not practical for several reasons. 1) These items are licensed by National Hockey League rather than the National Hockey League Players Association so we are required to emphasize team rather than player. 2) Each of the 32 teams has a 23 man roster and there are 82 games over multiple seasons, the likelihood of us having a specific player or game is basically zero. We hope you’ll place your order and have a part of your team history help open your next beverage.

What is the Game Used criteria for a player stick?

Our hockey stick collections are about team spirit rather than the player, specific game or opponent. We avoid high-cost star player's game used sticks in order to keep our items affordable. We work with regular season game used sticks used by players, current or past as there is much movement in the leagues today.

We target players with a minimum 30 games per season and average 10 minutes of time on ice per game. Note that with so much player movement, a player might only have spent one season with your team but consideration is given to the overall length of the player's career.