How many openers are made from one bat?

20. A bat typically yields about 19 openers made from the barrel and the handle section plus one very special piece which is end of the bat also called the "knob."

Are bats from the current season?

Bats may be from the current season but also could be from the past several seasons. Every effort is made to procure bats from the current or most recent season, however, time to acquire the bat and store it, production time and time on our shelves as a finished opener may require us to look beyond the current season.

Can I order a specific player, game or opponent?

Over the years we have been asked to provide player names prior to an order being placed. This is not practical for several reasons. 1) These items are licensed by Major League Baseball rather than the Major League Baseball Players Association so we are required to emphasize team rather than player. 2) With 30 teams, each with a 40 man roster, plus 162 games over multiple seasons, the likelihood of us having a specific player, game or opponent is basically zero. We hope you’ll place your order and open your next beverage with team spirit.

What is the Game Used criteria for a bat?

Our bat collections are about team spirit rather than the player, specific game or opponent. We avoid high-cost star player's game used bats in order to keep our items affordable. We seek regular season game used bats used by players (current or past as there is much movement in the leagues today) that have legitimately made it to the Big Leagues, not just up for a "cup of coffee" from the minors.

Based on player position, a fielder who played in over 40 games or a starting pitcher who had a minimum of 8 starts or a relief pitcher who had at least 25 appearances.

With player movement in all the leagues today a player might only spend one season with a team so consideration is given for the length of career.

All game data from, which is a group of sites providing comprehensive player and team statistics.