MLB Game Used Base Stool

You'll have a few "Men On Base" with this game used MLB base stool, cleverly designed so that you can do your impersonation of Ricky Henderson.  Instructions: lift base off stool, raise above your head and declare "For today, I am the Greatest of All Time".

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This base stool features a regular season MLB Authenticated Game Used Base. Base fits into an industrial steel frame finished with a brushed look. Hand crafted of welded steel by metal artisans in California.
Slight discoloration from field dirt lets you know that base has undergone the rigors of game-play. Bases in the game stay in place by means of a field anchor. We leave the anchor attached to the bottom of the base which slides snugly into custom plate of steel frame. Lift the base out at any time to share the game with fellow fans.
Note: Bases have varying degrees of wear and top/side emblems may vary from image shown.
Stool measures approximately 32" tall and the top (base) is 15" square.


Officially licensed by Major League Baseball.

The game used bases used are procured directly from the MLB teams or official MLB partners. A hologram is attached by MLB Authenticators field-side when base is removed from play. Look up hologram's unique number in MLB's game history database to learn details of the base's game history.

Learn more about the Tokens x MLB Authentication partnership.  

How many bases are used in a game?

Bases are typically swapped out at the end of the 3rd and 6th innings.  Some get cleaned and will reappear in future games, others get pulled out and made available in Stadium shops and to game used memorabilia collectors.

Are bases from the current season?

Bases may be from the current season but also could be from the past several seasons. 

If the base is dirty will it stain my pants?

Surprisingly, no.  We have put them thru the "khaki test" many times at trade shows.  We remove any loose dirt particles and the dirt you see on the base is very much ingrained in the vinyl material of the base itself.  

Is it comfortable to sit on?

The bases are made of a durable vinyl so they are rigid.  Perfect for a drink at the bar our counter.  You may want to head to the sofa our recliner when the game starts.

I have my own base, do you sell just the steel frame? 

Yes.  Please be sure you have the field anchor (the metal plate with the pin that secures the base to the infield) so that you can mount your base atop the frame.  Shop Base Stool Frame


Base History

Most of us may never touch a Major League base.  They may appear somewhat soft and in fact they once were made of white painted canvas, filled with sand or saw-dust and loosely fastened by a metal spike underneath.

That all changed in 1939 when Jack Corbett, a retired minor leaguer who became a manager, thought that bases were too cushy & loose and developed a base with an anchor that to this day is the standard for Major League Baseball.  A rigid base with tapered sides fastened atop a metal plate with a welded post that fits firmly into an underground receptacle.  These bases stand up to the hardest slides but easily lift up and out for replacement... or passing around to fellow fans at your next "home game".