MLB Game Used Uniform Purse

Uniformly different! This purse features an actual piece of game worn jersey on the inside flap. Keep your wallet, keys, and fanhood all in one place.

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Black matte leather crossbody bag features a simle, clean look with an MLB Authenticated Game Used MLB Uniform on the inside of the flap. Main & interior pocket feature secure zipper closures.  Flap embossed with your team's name. Uniforms are cut so that each panel features markings such as player number or name. Officially licensed by Major League Baseball, each purse includes a tamper-evident hologram sticker on the uniform panel to ensure authenticity

Measures 10" x 5" x 2". Strap drops 23".


Officially licensed by Major League Baseball.

Uniforms are acquired from the teams or official team partners.

Includes a tamper-evident hologram sticker to ensure authenticity. Look up hologram's unique number at to learn details of uniform's game history.

Learn more about the Tokens x MLB Authentication partnership.  


Are uniforms from the current season?

Most uniforms are from the past several seasons. Every effort is made to procure uniforms as close to the current season as possible but several factors inhibit this process. As seasons end, teams collect uniforms and market them to their fan base & game used collectors for a period of time. When we get our opportunity, the uniform has be transferred to us, stored until we need it, sent into production and finally placed in stock as a finished wallet.

Can I order a specific player, game or opponent?

We avoid high-cost star player's game used uniforms in order to keep our items affordable. Over the years we have been asked to provide player names prior to an order being placed, note that this is not practical for several reasons. 1) These items are licensed by Major League Baseball rather than the Major League Baseball Players Association so we are required to emphasize team rather than player. 2) With 30 teams, each with a 40 man roster, plus 162 games over multiple seasons, the likelihood of us having a specific player, game or opponent is basically zero. We hope you’ll place your order and put some team spirit in your pocket.

What is the Game Used criteria for a uniform?

Our uniform collections are about team spirit rather than the player, specific game or opponent. We seek regular season game used uniforms used by players (current or past as there is much movement in the leagues today) that have legitimately made it to the Big Leagues, not just up for a "cup of coffee" from the minors.


Based on player position, a fielder who played in over 40 games or a starting pitcher who had a minimum of 8 starts or a relief pitcher who had at least 25 appearances. With player movement in all the leagues today a player might only spend one season with a team so consideration is given for the length of career.

All game data from, which is a group of sites providing comprehensive player and team statistics.

MLB Uniform Authentication

MLB has the most comprehensive authentication system in pro sports. MLB stations authenticators field-side at each game to track and record bats & balls that come off the field of play, apply a hologram and enter game data into their database. At the end of the game, authenticators also collect & authenticate uniforms that are being cycled out for wear.

Once Tokens acquires these MLB-authenticated uniforms, another MLB authenticator makes weekly visits to our facility to witness its cutting and apply a hologram to the cut panel that stays with the uniform all the way through the production process. This not only verifies the uniform panel came from the original uniform, but has a unique number that let's you search online within MLB's database to learn specific details of the uniform's game history.

Watch a short video about the Tokens x MLB Authentication partnership.