MLB Game Used Baseball Yarn Beanie

Cooler heads may prevail but warm ones are more comfortable, especially at a chilly spring training or World Series game. This stylish wool beanie is knit from 130 yards of wool yarn strands that are found inside MLB Authenticated Game Used Baseballs. 

If you don't see your team available please contact us to see about having a custom one made.

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Crafted in Southern California, every hat is skillfully woven on a hand-operated knitting machine by a single craftsman. The hat is knit in the order of the wool layers as they appear inside a baseball: outer gray, white, and inner gray. The yarn is then softened and the inside of the hat is lined with alpaca wool yarn for extra comfort. Baseball used may be from "Home" or "Away" games. Each beanie comes in a MLB gift box with a story card.

One size fits most.  8" tall by 8" wide.


Each MLB artifact is authenticated under the auspices of the MLB Authentication Program and carries a uniquely numbered hologram that allows fans to verify their item at MLB Authenticators witness, log, and adhere holograms to each baseball that comes out of play. Thus the details of each baseball are linked to a unique hologram number in this online database.

How A Ball Winds Up Becoming a Ball

Balls are made by hand in Central America at a Rawlings factory. At a baseball's core is a small rubber ball called the “pill”. Around this pill, a layer of gray yarn is wound. Next up comes a cream colored yarn and then another layer of gray. Its finished off with a thin, white thread. In all, some 130 yards of yarn are needed to build the core to regulation size. From there, two leather outers are stitched with the familiar red thread, the ball is stamped with logos and a game-ready Major League baseball is born.