Chicago Cubs World Series 2016 Game Used Baseball Friendship Bracelet

These bracelets celebrate the Cubs path to the 2016 trophy in Game 6 of their 2016 World Series win. A limited collectible that lets you wear the story of winning after 108 years.
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These bracelets are hand crafted from an MLB Authenticated Game Used Chicago Cubs Baseball from Game 6 of the 2016 World Series. The Cubs prevailed over the Indians by a score of 9-3 and went on to win the Series.

After carefully unwinding the cores, the light gray and cream colored strands are braided with a bamboo cord of your team's color into this subtly stylish bracelet. Braided by hand in California with a silver plated charm attached.

Each bracelet comes in an MLB gift box with authentication & care cards.

Each bracelet is adjustable from 6" - 9" to fit most wrists, with a silver plated charm attached.


Officially licensed by MLB.

Through Tokens’ relationships with the teams, MLB authenticated game used balls are acquired and transferred to our California studio. The leather outers are carefully separated from the yarn cores, all in the presence of an MLB authenticator to maintain the chain of custody that follows each ball through finished product. The outers go into production as watches, money clips, cuff links & pendants.

The MLB authenticator also witnesses each baseball's wool core being unspooled. Each section of unwound yarn receives its own hologram designation for tracking the yarn through the braiding process.

Once braided, a master hologram sticker ensures authenticity. Look up hologram number at to learn further details of ball's game history.

Learn more about the Tokens x MLB Authentication partnership.  

How did Tokens Secure these Baseballs?

Tokens & Icons has been a licensee of Major League Baseball since 2009. We work closely with MLB’s authentication department and have fortunately been able to secure these game used artifacts directly from MLB.

Are World Series Baseballs the same Baseballs used During the Regular Season?

Yes, however balls used in the World Series have special markings on the outer cover that denote the year of the World Series and a unique World Series logo design that changes from year to year

Why Do Different World Series Balls have Different Color Markings?

For the World Series baseballs we have worked with, the World Series stamped emblem colors were gold from 2007 thru 2016. Beginning in 2018 the markings have been in blue. As blue is the color used throughout the season, its believed it helps the batter better judge ball rotation and speed

What is the Difference Between Game Used and Game Ready World Series Baseballs?

Game ready, as the name suggests, are balls that have all the World Series markings, have been prepared for use in the game, but never were put into play. Tokens uses only Game Used baseballs.

Is this collection Limited? Will Tokens be Getting More World Series Balls from my team in the future?

It mostly depends on ball availability. While there is a possibility we'll have the opportunity to secure more World Series balls in the future, World Series Collections will never be high volume items, in this sense the collection is limited.

Will There Be Additional Products Made from World Series Balls?

Tokens uses the outer leather covers for a series of Watches, Cuff Links, Leather Bracelets & Pendants and the inner wool core for Friendship Yarn Bracelets. This more or less uses up the entirety of the ball.

As friendship bracelets are often worn continuously, we recommend cutting off the hologram and keeping in the gift box for safe keeping. Having your hologram number provides lifetime access to the game details.

The Long Road to a Championship

It takes 162 games and the playoffs to get to the World Series where the whole season hangs on every pitch. The team earns the Championship and fans gain a story to share. Maybe its the Ortiz speech at Fenway in 2013 or the rain-delayed Game 7 that we thought would never end in 2016.

This collection is built from baseballs that were a part of it. As balls came off the field they have been tracked by MLB authenticators all the way to your wrist, cuff or pocket.

These enduring pieces say much more than which team you rooted for. They reveal your passion for the past and give you a chance to share your stories.