In 2012, for the first time, the motion picture industry released more movies shot digitally than on film. This trend has continued steadily, rendering the digital experience all but unescapable for today’s moviegoer. This collection is for the loyalists. It celebrates the warm and organic nature of film, a medium that goes back to Kodak and Thomas Edison in 1892.

35mm became the standard for motion pictures in 1909 and the 16mm format was introduced in 1923. Film itself evolved over time, originally the iconic sprocket holes (perforations) were found on both sides but over time, in the case of 16mm, one side of the film sacrificed the holes for a soundtrack. Our 16mm film features the perforations on both sides. One of the charms of 16mm was the countdown leader. Lights out, excited to see the projected numbers circle-sweep as the designated audio visual expert adjusts focus and frame so that all the content can be seen, from the first frame to last.