Legend has it that due to a shortage of quality long board lumber in 1946, shorter red oak pieces had to be used to create the familiar parquet pattern that somehow still intimidates opponents to this day.

Each 5' x 5' panel had was marked with its grid position eg. G9, F10, Q3 and the ever-faithful Boston Garden Bull Gang would lay down the panels & secure with 988 bolts.  If the Bruins were playing the next night, up the floor came. Over time, the floor developed dead spots & gaps which the Celtics knew well the location of and the opponents perhaps did not.  Add several extraordinarily talented teams and passionate fans, its not surprising that this floor was underfoot for 16 Championships.

Tokens was thrilled to have been selected to handle 9 of the last 11 panels and keep the legend alive for Celtic fans and fans of the game.