In 2014, Churchill Downs® approached Tokens to make gifts from the beams and trusses of the Racetrack's paddock built in 1903. Here, prized thoroughbred horses were showcased and mounted before races.

During its existence, Sir Barton, a chestnut colt bred in Kentucky, won the 1919 Kentucky Derby® by five lengths and went on to be the inaugural Triple Crown winner. 1923 was the last year this paddock was used since a new paddock was built behind the clubhouse. Over the course of the last 89 years, this paddock served different track functions, primarily housing parimutuel windows.

Recently, Churchill Downs planned to incorporate this structure into the second story "Grandstand Pavilion" but building codes made its use cost prohibitive so it was carefully dismantled in 2013. The wood has been transferred to Tokens for a new life celebrating Churchill Downs' history and pageantry.