Transit Token Cuff Links - City Series

Transit tokens are hallmarks of industrial design.  We've unearthed some rare bus, train & trolley systems to celebrate your city's public transport history.  

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We've scoured the far corners to find Tokens to help finish your look.  These tokens embody a time when your city ran on rails.  We treat each token to an antiquing process to bring out the detail.  Next the tokens (one featuring the front and one the back) are set in sterling silver.  Finally, Tokens' signature sterling silver swivel finding is then soldered to the back of each.  

Each pair comes gift-boxed.

The tokens in this collection vary slightly in size, in general, cuff links measure between 3/4" & 7/8" in diameter.


Tokens & Icons was founded upon becoming one of the first licensees of the New York City MTA and continues to create jewelry and accessories that feature the iconic retired NY Subway tokens. Soon Chicago approached Tokens & Icons to do the same for them, and, before long, Boston and San Francisco were under license and providing tokens for products.

In 2007 Tokens & Icons began the Collector's Transit Token Series to celebrate the transit histories of America's mid-sized cities. Many of the bus, trollies and rail systems for which these tokens were once minted are now defunct. Once currency, these tokens are rare and hard-to-find mementos and, therefore, the cuff links in this collection are often subject to availability.

Periodic cleaning with a silver cloth is recommended.

How Tokens & Icons Came to Be

Tokens & Icons was founded in 1991 when Ward Wallau was approved for a license with the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA). This occurred eleven years after he first approached them in 1980 when they filled in the "Y" of the quarter-sized "Y-cut" subway token.

After collecting a hundred of the "Y-cut" tokens, Ward thought they might be a logical way to reincorporate the tokens into New York's daily life and celebrate them as an icon of the city's rich transit history. With his first fifty pairs of authentic New York Subway Tokens, he received positive feedback and thus began his decade-plus endeavor to secure a license.

During the eleven years, Ward had intermittent contact with the NYCTA, and finally secured permissions from the NYCTA and the authentic tokens. He and Bulova Watch were the charter licenses. Bulova chose to replicate the tokens, yet Tokens & Coins (the original name of Tokens & Icons) was able to embark with the long sought after "authentic" token.

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