Vintage Ruler Cuff Links

  • These cuff links are crafted from authentic vintage wooden carpenter's folding rulers.
  • Attached to swivel brass findings, these ruler pieces feature the wear of many measurements. Color and numbers vary. Measures approximately 1" x 5/8".
  • Each pair of cuff links comes gift-boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Additional Product Information

Early ivory rulers have been found in the remains of the Indus Valley Civilization which existed from 3000-1500 BC. Evidence shows that they were very accurate in their measuring and building as their smallest unit was approximately 1/16". Thse early units were often based on body parts such as the cubit, the length of the forearm, which could be divided down to one twenty-fourth - the width of the middle finger. It is believed that this measuring system was inhereted from the Egyptians by the Romans, who introduced the foot, equivalent to twelve inches. In 1851, Geman industrialist, Anton Ulrich, invented the folding ruler.