UC Berkeley's California Memorial Stadium Gate Conference Table

  •  Elicit a "where did you get that?" at your next board meeting with this conference table constructed from Cal Memorial Stadium Gates removed from Cal Memorial Stadium during renovation.  
  • 7/8" thick glass set on top of gate.
  • The surfaces are authentic to the condition of the metal since its removal from the stadium. 
  • Table legs fabricated from stainless steel.
  • Table comes with a full color, bound Certificate of Authenticity booklet.
  • For more information about the entire Cal x Tokens program, please visit California Memorial Stadium Artifacts.
  • For pick up only.  No returns.
  • Because of the custom made nature of this item, it is excluded from all promotions.

For local pick up only in Berkeley.   Please make contact to arrange.


Warning: This product may contain one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Additional Product Information

From the time California Memorial Stadium opened in 1923, Golden Bear fans faithfully cheered from blue and gold seats for 88 seasons, creating scores of unforgettable memories for generations of football fans. From the Wonder Teams of the 1920s to the Pappy Waldorf years mid-century to the success attained in the 2000's, the venerable facility has treated fans of all ages to many of the greatest games in the history of Cal football. Memorial Stadium stands alongside such iconic campus structures as the Greek Theatre, the Campanile, California Hall and the Doe Library - all designed by renowned campus architect John Galen Howard.

When renovation on the Stadium began in 2010, Cal Athletics officially licensed Tokens & Icons to offer gift items and furniture from the historic venue's benches. As much of the wood was painted long ago with lead-based paint, Tokens & Icons carefully hand-selected each bench piece and is working solely with the more recent lead-free painted benches. Visit California Memorial Stadium Artifacts to see more about these benches and other unique artifacts from the renovation.

More Product Details
Because these original materials are from the most curved sections of the Stadium, there were no parallel lines or right angles on these benches. The askew stanchions and slightly pitched-back bench seats are reminders of the benches’ original home. These crooked aspects are as integral to authenticity as are the originally engraved seat numbers on the bench wood.

All stanchions are original. Many benches have one stanchion in its original position. Since the distance between stanchions may have been 90 degrees or more in the Stadium, often the second stanchion is fit to accommodate requested bench size. The stanchion maintained in its original position is often at a slight angle in relation to the bench wood. The second stanchion is bolted parallel to the first such that the bench is flat and not torqued. Therefore, both stanchions may be parallel to each other but may not be parallel to the bench wood. Some benches may be constructed from stanchions in which neither are in their original placements.

Tokens & Icons is also offering Memorial Stadium special artifacts such as this Hall of Fame Bar.

Tokens & Icons was selected by Cal Athletics to create gifts and furniture from these historic benches.

Tokens & Icons hand picked the benches that had never been painted with lead paint.

Tokens & Icons hand removed and stores many loads of bench wood and the original stanchions.