The High Line Rail Bookends


  • These bookends are crafted from authentic steel rail salvaged from the iconic High Line in New York.
  • Secured directly from and licensed by Friends of the High Line.
  • Rail is cleaned, cut & hand-polished to a smooth finish.  Steel is then lacquer-sealed.  Cork attached to bottom to protect shelf surface.
  • Measures approximately 6" high and each weighs 5.5lbs for dependable support for larger books.
  • Each pair is unique, degree of wear and markings may vary.


Additional Product Information

The West Side line of New York City connected 34th Street to St. John’s Park Terminal. It functioned in the heart of NYC as a freight transport for agricultural goods such as frozen turkeys until the line fell into disuse in the '80s. Friends of the High Line approached Tokens & Icons with materials that were removed during the conversion of the rail line.

Friends of the High Line carefully removed and collected the freight rails and spikes during the rejuvenation. Some of the original freight rail and spikes were left intact during the transformation process.