Reclaimed Ski Mirror

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    • This Ski Mirror is crafted from a pair of Olin Mark IV skis.
    • Hand crafted by metal artisans in Berkeley, CA.
    • Slight wear lets you know these skis have seen the slopes. Mirror glass measures 21.5" x 15.5" overall approximately 38" tall x 22" wide.

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     Sure to be a hit in your mountain getaway.


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    Additional Product Information

    Skis were originally used by Scandinavian hunters and farmers to cover winter landscapes. First made from a single piece of wood, Norway invented the cambered ski in 1850 which arched in the middle and allowed for better manuevering. Further improvements were made with aluminum alloy and steel edges. The ski became hugely successful in 1950 when a recreational design was introduced for the public, not just professional racing.