Railroad Spike Bottle Opener



  • This bottle opener is crafted from old, authentic salvaged steel rail spikes representative of those used throughout North American rail systems.
  • Spike is carefully cleaned & cut, bottle opener hardware attached.
  • As each is unique, item may vary slightly from image.
  • Tokens & Icons gift box and certificate of authenticity included.


Additional Product Information

The invention of the rail spike is attributed to Robert Livingston Stevens and its first recorded use was in 1832. The spike's purpose is to hold the rail onto the rail tie. In 1982, the spike was still the most common rail fastening method in North America. Spikes are routinely cycled out for wear as railroads conduct maintenance.

May 10, 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the Transcontinental railroad. It was in 1869 at Promontory Summit in Utah where the Central & Union Pacific lines met to accelerate transportation, trade & passenger travel between the East & West Coast.