New York Yankees Game Used Baseball Yarn Friendship Bracelet

Make A Friend of the Game!  

    • Fun Fact:  At the core of every Major League New York Yankees baseball there are 130 yards of usable wool yarn.
    • Even More Fun Fact:  After carefully unwinding the cores, the cream & light gray strands, along with a Yankees blue bamboo cord, can be braided into this subtly stylish bracelet.
    • Braided by hand in California from a game used Yankees ball.  Baseball used may be home or away.  
    • Adjustable from 6" - 9", fits most wrists, silver plated charm attached.  
    • Each bracelet has an MLB hologram attached to it.  This ensures authenticity and the number can be searched at to learn specific details of the ball's game history.
    • As friendship bracelets are often worn continuously, we recommend cutting off the hologram and keeping in the gift box for safe keeping.  Having your hologram number provides lifetime access to the game details.
    • Each bracelet comes gift boxed with authentication & care cards.

Additional Product Information
The Wind-Up:

Balls are made by hand in Central America at a Rawlings factory. A rubber ball (the “pill”) is first wound with a layer of gray yarn, then cream, another layer of gray and then finished off with thin, white thread. In all, some 130 yards of yarn are needed to build the core to regulation size. From there, two leather outers are stitched with the familiar red thread, the ball is stamped with logos and a game-ready ball is born.

The Pitch:

A typical MLB game will go through about 60 balls. As balls come out of play, they are handed off to field-side MLB authenticators who affix a tamper-proof hologram and record the details of the game, including date and opponent and other details.

Knock the Skin off the Ball:

Through Tokens’ relationships with the teams, game used balls are acquired and transferred to our California studio. The leather outers are carefully separated from the yarn cores, all in the presence of an MLB authenticator to maintain the chain of custody that follows each ball through finished product. The outers go into production as watches, money clips, cuff links & pendants.

Time to Unwind

The MLB authenticator also witnesses the cores being unspooled. Each section of yarn receives its own hologram designation for tracking the yarn through the braiding process. Along with a cord that features the team’s color, the gray & cream yarn are braided into the bracelet. The journey ends on your wrist with a chance to make a friend of the game.