Guitar Head Bookends

Help a music lover keep their songbooks or vinyl in tune with unique bookends crafted from authentic guitar heads.

  • The heads feature the tuning machines and string guides with an elegant sculptural quality.
  • Heads are securely mounted to a walnut base with metal plates for support.
  • Measures approximately 8" high.
  • Each pair is unique, degree of wear and markings may vary from image.
  • What happens to the rest of the guitar neck?  

Preorder: This item is currently in production . After ordering, please allow 3 weeks for delivery.


Additional Product Information

Musical intstruments fill our homes and concert halls with energy and life. Pianos date back to Italy of the early 1700's with the Grand Piano introduced in the 1770's. Later came smaller uprights and by 1880 today's "88 keys" became the standard. Guitars go back even further, all the way to the 1200's. This collection is for those who make music and appreciate it.