Carolina Panthers

Tokens has been crafting custom gifts for the Carolina Panthers since 2017. In August, 2022 the Panthers reached out to see if we could develop a product using retired jerseys and helmets. The final gifts were needed by mid-December to hand out to the Suiteholders and Season ticket holders. A total of ten jerseys were provided by the Panthers. We produced 200 uniform credit card holders and 50 uniform friendship bracelets with plenty of uniform (and time) to spare. We also received helmets which we transformed into colorful watches. 

Artifact: Carolina Panthers game used football uniforms & helmets

Recipient: Suiteholders and Season ticket holders

Product Solution: Uniform credit card holders and friendship bracelets, helmet watches

Date of Project: December 2022

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Project Details

A project always begins with the artifacts.  Atlanta United provided Tokens with two balls from their Conference Finals match against the New York Red Bulls contested 11/25/18. The Tokens design team went to work developing some mockups of what the colorful balls would look like as jewelry items.  This concept allows the recipient to "wear the win" along with the opportunity to share the story behind these eye-catching cuff links and pendants. 

Upon customer approval, a section of the ball was cut into discs and transferred to our silversmith in Taxco, Mexico to create samples out of sterling silver. 

Sterling silver makes an ideal setting as its subtle finish doesn't distract from the artifact and it looks great with age.  Sterling silver also can be hallmarked, in this case "Atlanta United" was stamped on the back of each item.

After the final sample was approved, delivery was made in about 3 weeks.  

Cuff links measure 7/8" in diameter

Pendants measure 7/8" in diameter on an 18" sterling silver curb chain.


Balls were received with a letter from Atlanta United attesting to origin of the game used balls.  This information was provided on an authentication card included with the item.  The same information was uploaded into our authentication platform and a tamper-evident hologram was attached to the back of each item.  Recipient's can learn the game history of their item by entering the unique hologram number at Tokens Authentication Platform
Each pair of cuff links and pendants were presented in our premium quality black Tokens gift boxes.  The gift box itself is in our quality outer white box, also of rigid, thick paper construction.

Custom FAQs

Can we have our logo on the piece?


Yes, however for most items, we try to think about the recipient, and find that placing the logo on the accompanying authenticity card shows not only who is doing the giving but also allows the piece itself to get more touches, and hopefully be more touching.


Custom Box


We are happy to look into, but our own black gift boxes are of high quality and factory box minimum quantities can be very high.





Everything depends on the material itself and what we are making.  Typically bottle openers, key rings, cuff links & pendants take less time than pens and watches, while wallets are in between.




While we don't offer fixed promotional pricing tiers, we do offer discounts based on quantity.

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