Buffalo Nickel Cuff Links (Both Buffalo Backs)

  • These cuff links are crafted from authentic Buffalo Nickels minted from 1913-38.
  • A sterling silver swivel finding is soldered to the back of both coins to celebrate the buffalo! Measures 7/8" in diameter.
  • Made in the USA, each pair of cuff links comes gift-boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The Buffalo nickel was designed by James E. Fraser from a composite of three prominent Native Americans: Iron Tail, Two Moons, and Chief John Tree. Fraser's vision for the Buffalo Head Nickel was for it to be a truly American coin, which it quickly became.


Additional Product Information

James Fraser designed the Buffalo Nickel in 1911 and the first coins were minted in 1913. During the Buffalo Nickels' 25 years of being minted, there were numerous modification as both the text, date and value on the coin, and the die to make the coin, were easily worn. Despite the technical concerns of the time, Fraser accomplished his goal to design "a coin that could not be mistaken for any other country's coin...the buffalo, as part of our western background, was 100% American." The coins used to make these cuff links are "Full Horn" grade which signifies excellent overall detail. They have been carefully tumbled and antiqued to bring out their rich detail. For more information, please visit Historic Artifacts.