THE PLAYERS Championship Pin Flags Chain of Custody

In 2013, Tokens & Icons and the PGA TOUR began discussing THE PLAYERS Tournament pin flags as the next iconic golf artifact to incorporate into gifts. TPC Sawgrass and Tournament officials collected and hologrammed the flags immediately as play ended each day.

Pin Flags Collected during 2014 Championship
TPC Sawgrass official collecting Pin Flags after tournament play ended.
Pin Flags Received by Tokens & Icons
Each flag and stick has its own Authentication Hologram indicating the day it was used in the tournament and its hole.
Each bundle of flags and sticks were additionally received with notes indicating their origins.
Example Authentication Document for the Pin Flag and Stick

The following is one page of the log Tokens received from the PGA TOUR with the Pin Flag and Stick shipment. This example shows each Pin Flag's and Stick's hologram's connection to a specific Round and Hole from The 2014 PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP. The collection and authentication process is certified by both the PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP and the on-site Tokens & Icons Authenticator. When the document was received by Tokens, everything was again verified at Tokens' headquarters as highlighted in green. Additionally, the 18th Hole Flag of Round 1 was not sent to Tokens and its listing was crossed-off as it was kept for the PGA TOUR'S internal use.

Pin Flag Cups