Optimal Display
-Cards are placed next to product
- Display is balanced and not over crowded

Avoid overcrowding products; it’s not necessary to display every card.

Product looks ‘jewelry like’ when the card is not propped inside the box, becoming of their $150 - $200 value.

Showing the back of the box top invokes a rich, high-quality jewelry store purchase versus a gift shop price point.

Cards can also be displayed flat, under the right side of the box showing 80% of the card.

It’s not necessary to display every box. If space is limited, display some of the cuff links outside of the box.

This display shelf is made for hockey stick and bat openers. When outfitted with golf openers, the display appears unbalanced.

Critical to keep bottle opener displays full.


Things to Consider:


Box aging. If you notice signs of the jewelry boxes becoming yellow, please let us know and we will send you a replacement, free of charge.



Tarnishing. Sterling silver can darken with age. If you notice tarnishing, simply use a polishing cloth to brighten them up. If you do not have a cloth, contact us.