All Tokens & Icons products are handcrafted from or incorporate authentic artifacts. Many of the artifacts, such as MLB Bats and NHL Pucks are manufactured (and used) in North America. When artifacts are repurposed into cuff links, the back hardware is made in Providence, RI, and the finished jewelry is crafted in North America. All wood, aluminum, plexi, golf clubs, tennis racquets, and hockey sticks are hand-cut and fashioned into bottle openers in Northern California. Over 80% of Tokens & Icons products are crafted in North America.


The first step in the manufacturing process is receiving and confirming the authenticity of each artifact. Sports artifacts are sourced directly from the leagues, teams, schools, or trusted third parties, and are only accepted by Tokens & Icons if received with Letters of Authenticity or with frangible holograms. The historic artifacts such as coins, typewriter keys and watch movements are sourced directly from trusted collectors and aficionados. For more information about this part of the process, please visit Authentication.

Artifact preparation at Tokens & Icons

All artifacts are prepared at Tokens & Icons' headquarters, and, for some products, the repurposing of artifacts begins here too.

When Tokens & Icons receives a game used ball, each ball's authentication hologram information is printed out from The document and ball live together in a polybag through all processes.
Each game used NHL stick goes through the production process with its documentation.
The first step in crafting cuff links, pendants, money clip wallets, bracelets and earrings from game used MLB baseballs occurs in Tokens & Icons' headquarters where each ball is hand-cut in a jig.
The panels for Game Used Uniform Wallets are hand-cut by Tokens & Icons. Each uniform is carefully cut such that each swatch has at least 2 colors.


Manufacturing in North America

MLB Game Used Bat Bottle Openers are manufactured in Berkeley and Oakland, California.

All wood for bottle openers are hand-cut 5 miles from Tokens & Icons' headquarters. The Bat Bottle Openers are cut individually such that every piece of bat remains together with its authentication document.
All Bat, Collegiate or Arena Floor, and Collegiate Stadium Seat Bottle Openers are lacquered and assembled by hand in Berkeley, CA only a few blocks from Tokens & Icons' headquarters. These bat pieces are laid out such that all pieces of one bat remain together.

Pan Am Fuselage Bottle Openers are crafted in Northern California.

Pan Am fuselage is selected for specific areas and hand-cut.
Pieces of aluminum fuselage are polished by hand.
Structural plexi for each bottle opener is hand cut, shaped and drilled.
Pressure is used to keep the plexi and fuselage together.

All sterling silver jewelry is manufactured in North America.

Some artifacts, such as our TPC Sawgrass Golf Balls, are sent whole to and hand-cut or hand-punched by our manufacturers.
Depending on the shape of the cuff link, some sterling silver bezels are hand-formed. Above, bezel edges for the Flatiron Building Cuff Links are made.
Complete sterling silver bezels, back and edge, are hand-cut. Above, the bezels for TPC Sawgrass Golf Ball Cuff Links are made. This same process occurs for many other round cuff links.
The first of many hand-polishings for the bezel. The bezel is now ready for the artifact to be incorporated and the swivel finding to be attached.