Palestra at University of Pennsylvania Story

Photo of Palestra taken by Tokens & Icons in 2010.


Tokens & Icons was approached by Ilene Wilder, then director of business development with the University of Pennsylvania.  The mission required a trip to Philadelphia in February of 2010 to evaluate the available floor and discuss what types of product it could be transformed into.  Tokens had not heard of the Palestra prior to Ilene.  Stopping for an obligatory cheesesteak at the Reading Terminal Market, casual conversation revealed a deep affinity for the Palestra as it was home for the Philly Big Five:  Penn, Villanova, Temple, La Salle and St. Joseph's. Everyone has a story. What was heard was how intimate the arena is, how the seats go right down to the floor, how you feel part of the game. Cheesesteak wasn't bad either! Ilene certainly made Tokens part of the game and provided the company with all the necessary support to share the Palestra with the marketplace.


Article forwarded to Tokens & Icons by Ilene Wilder: