National Hockey Leage (NHL) Artifact Chain of Custody and Production


Game used pucks from all 30 teams are collected and authenticated by an NHL Off-Ice Official. Each game starts with 30 frozen pucks and, as a "warm" puck is replaced by a frozen puck, the Official writes the date of the game and the opposing team's name on athletic tape which is then adhered to the circumference of each removed puck.  Pucks are replaced in this process because frozen ones "sit" flat during play compared to those that have warmed up and tend to turn on their edge. Historical Note: Originally, each freezer was designed to store 100 pucks, but with the advent of plexiglass around the rink and netting above, fewer pucks are lost to the stands and, therefore, fewer pucks are required per game.

Stacks of Game Used Canucks pucks with athletic tape and game description.
Shipment of Game Used Red Wings Pucks from the 2011 Regular Season with Letter of Authenticity.
Three circles are cut from the top and bottom surfaces of each game used puck to craft Sterling Silver Puck Round Cuff Links (one pair of which is visible in the upper right corner). The remaining circumference of the puck is saved to craft Puck Edge Cuff links. The athletic tape, on which the puck's authentication information was written by the Off-Ice Official, remains with the product and the remnants throughout the production process. The core of puck is discarded.
Remnants of a puck after Puck Round AND Edge Cuff Links have been produced: puck core and remains of surfaces.



When Tokens & Icons began working with NHL game used jerseys, many were purchased from MeiGray, a third party under contract with NHL teams. Initially, the Uniform Wallet was conceived as a product that allowed fans to own a nice-sized piece of their team's game use jersey to flash their team colors. Tokens was therefore not particular about the player whose jersey was received. As the program has evolved, Tokens has become more selective about "household" names that would be recognized by a fan, and, simultaneously, has increased the effort to ensure each panel has at least two colors from the jersey.

Jerseys received with Letters of Authenticity.
Jerseys cut into panels by Tokens & Icons. Ready to be sewn into wallets as billfold divider.



Sticks are received with Letters of Authenticity, certifying their game used status. The sticks are verified by Tokens & Icons and the stick's information is attached to and remains with each stick as it goes through the production process to become bottle openers.

Sticks with documentation and ready for production.
Like Bat Bottle Openers, stick pieces stay together throughout production and returned from artisan in this manner.



Plexiglass has been received directly from Madison Square Garden and TD Garden. Please visit MSG and Boston Garden Authentication pages to view all game used plexiglass and Letters of Authenticity received by Tokens & Icons.

Regular season MSG plexi.
2011 Stanley Cup Final plexi from TD Garden.