MSG Authentication


In 2008, Tokens & Icons was contacted by Madison Square Garden about the retired floor from their 1970 and 1973 NBA Championship teams. The floor panels had been stored in a non-temperature-controlled warehouse in New Jersey for many years. Due to hot humid summers and cold dry winters, the finish on the panels was in rough shape. Tokens & Icons visited this warehouse to hand-select the choicest panels for use in cuff links, pendants, pens and bottle openers.





In early 2010, Tokens got the idea that a fun line of products could be made from the plexiglass panels that surround hockey rinks. These clear panels allow front row fans to safely watch the action on the ice while keeping the players safe from the fans! Tokens first reached out to MSG to see if they could secure a game used pexi panel and by May 2010, this became a reality. Since that time, Tokens has created a line of plexi bottle openers and pens from MSG (as well as from other arenas and events!).

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