Major League Baseball (MLB) Artifact Chain of Custody and Production

Tokens & Icons work closely with Michael Posner, the Manager of MLB's Authentication Program, to have his same Authenticators (who authenticate at the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants games) come to Tokens & Icons' office to authenticate each product made from MLB's authenticated game used artifacts.

When Tokens & Icons receives a game used ball, each ball's authentication hologram information is printed out from The document and ball live together in a polybag through all processes.
The first step in crafting cuff links, pendants, money clip wallets, bracelets and earrings from game used baseballs occurs in Tokens & Icons' headquarters where each ball is hand-cut in a jig.
The leather is separated from the core which is made of yarn and string. The leather is then sent to the manufacturer in its polybag with its hologram document.
Eight pairs of cuff links are made from one game used baseball. The cuff links, leather remnants, and the document returns from the manufacturer. The contents of each bag is placed in its own tray in preparation for the MLB Authenticator.
The Authenticator comes to Tokens & Icon's office multiple times a week to authenticate every product made from a game used MLB artifact. He places a hologram directly on the back of each cuff link.
The Authenticator logs every hologram he adheres. Each new product hologram is linked to its artifact hologram and this information goes into MLB's Authentication Database.
When Tokens & Icons receives a game used bat, the hologram's authentication information is printed and the document is attached to it.
As each bat is individually hand-cut, the pieces of each bat are kept in their own box with the bat's original document.
Once each bat is fully cut, all pieces are hologrammed by the Authenticator.
All bat pieces are then lacquered and assembled into bottle openers by hand in Berkeley, CA. The pieces are laid out such that the pieces of one bat always stay together. Everyone in the chain of production works diligently to maintain the integrity of the artifact's authenticity.
The swatches for Game Used Uniform Wallets are hand-cut by Tokens & Icons. Each uniform is carefully cut such that each swatch has at least 2 colors.
Swatches are always stored with the uniform's authentication document (bottom right).