High Line Authentication


The West Side line of New York City connected 34th Street to St. John’s Park Terminal. It functioned in the heart of NYC as a freight transport for agricultural goods such as frozen turkeys until the line fell into disuse in the 80s.





 After sessions of litigation and efforts to preserve the historic line the newly formed non-profit Friends of the High Line became caretakers of the High Line and spearheaded the railway’s conversion to a public park.


The City accepts ownership of the High Line which is donated by CSX Transportation, Inc. in November 2005 and groundbreaking is celebrated in 2006.



 Original freight rail and spikes left intact during the transformation process.


Freight rails and spikes removed and collected during the conversion process.


Friends of the High Line approached Tokens & Icons with materials that were removed after the rail’s conversion. 


Now open to the public the 1.4 mile High Line park offers an elevated venue to hundreds of events, programs and activities aimed at supporting the diverse communities surrounding the High Line.  It incorporates planting design inspired by the landscape that naturally grew through the out-of-use elevated rail tracks. Learn more: thehighline.org