EJ Viso's Race Driven Carbon Fiber Cuff Links

EJ Viso at the 2013 Sonoma Grand Prix


In 2013, Neiman Marcus reached out to Tokens to help bring a piece of the Indy Car excitement to their audience. EJ Viso, a member of Andretti Autosport, whose personality is as dynamic as his car is lightning fast, worked with Tokens and brought his enthusiastic personal touch to the project. Tokens crafted cuff links from various parts of EJ's carbon fiber-based car bodies that were otherwise rendered useless when he made contact with the track's guard walls. The colors and markings therefore vary based on car parts received. 

Tokens worked to ensure that each cuff link disc had two colors from this Rear Wing End Plate. The green circles above indicate each cut and the bold black circle directly match the Red, Yellow and Blue pairs above.


Story Card



Tokens pedestalized a few pieces of fun body parts.



Tokens also pedestalized the body area that featured Neiman Marcus' sponsorship of EJ and gifted it to the company.