Ballpark Seats Story

In 2006, Tokens & Icons was approached by a New Jersey-based customer, Jennifer Madsen, who wanted to introduce the company to Bill Hartel, a dentist by day and an entrepreneur by night. Bill's father had been involved in Comiskey Parks' demolition in 1991 and had salvaged a chair, which sat in Bill's garage for a few years until his wife encouraged him do something with it (or else demanded it be tossed!). When Bill saw a pen turned from wood, he realized a use for the chair, and, after receiving positive reactions to his first pen run, he began acquiring other stadium seats, thus founding BallPark Pens.

Tokens & Icons indeed agreed with Jennifer's thought that this fit the "authentic icons" mantra, became a licensee of BallPark Pens, and began producing cuff links from the same authentic wood seats. Tokens realized Bill was becoming frustrated with life as a wholesaler and inquired if he ever wanted to sell his creation.

That day came to pass three months later around the same time that Tokens started to become acquainted with MLB's Authentication Program. In time, Tokens & Icons entered into a license with Major League Baseball. Tokens and its retailers have always and continue to be wowed by MLB's chain of custody authentication process. In 2009, cuff links, wallets and pendants made from MLB Authenticated Game Used baseballs and uniforms became official!

Supply of Seats from one of our trusted sources.

All BallPark items are made from bench wood removed before the MLB Authentication Program began. The wood we use is from authentic vintage stadium seats from two MLB-approved and trusted resources with whom we have worked since 2006. In the first year, we sensed that they were the right people and not only have we not been disappointed, we are in awe of their knowledge, integrity and their passion for authenticity. Our trust in them has only been enhanced after eight years of working together, and, as with Michael Posner at MLB, we have "caught the passion" these folks have for America's pastime!

BALLPARK SEATS TIMELINE  for examples of seats used to make products.