Ballpark Seats Timeline

All BallPark items are made from seat wood removed before the MLB Authentication Program began. The wood we use is from authentic vintage stadium seats from two MLB-approved and trusted resources with whom we have worked since 2006. In the first year, we sensed that they were the right people and not only have we not been disappointed, we are in awe of their knowledge, integrity and their passion for authenticity. Our trust in them has only been enhanced as we continue to work together, and, as with Michael Posner at MLB, we have "caught the passion" these folks have for America's pastime!


Shibe Park:

shibe park stadium


Forbes Field:

          Forbes Field Seat


Comiskey Park:

          Comiskey Park Seat


Polo Grounds:

          Polo Grounds Seat

Crosley Field:

          Crosley Field Seat

Fenway Park:

       Fenway Park Seat


Tiger Stadium:

  Tiger Stadium Seat

Ebbets Field:

             Ebbets Field Seat

Wrigley Field:

Wrigley Field Seat

Old Yankee Stadium:

Old Yankee Stadium Seat

Seals Stadium:

Seals Stadium Seat

Cleveland Municipal Stadium:

         Cleveland Municipal Stadium Seat

Baltimore Memorial Stadium:

  Baltimore Memorial Stadium Seat

Milwaukee County Stadium:

  Milwaukee County Stadium Seat

RFK Memorial Stadium:

              RFK Memorial Stadium Seat

Dodger Stadium:

Dodger Stadium Seat   

Shea Stadium:

Shea Stadium Seat
Plastic Seat
Shea Stadium Dugout Bench
Dugout Bench Wood

Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium:

           Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium Seat

Old Busch Stadium:

Old Busch Stadium Seat
Plastic Seat
Old Busch Bleacher Wood
Bleacher Wood