Celluloid Pen Barrel Cuff Links

  • These cuff links are crafted from authentic vintage celluloid Vacumatic pen barrels.
  • Soldered to sterling silver swivel finding, these cuff links features the horizontal bands of pearlescent and clear celluloid for which Vacumatics are known. Measures approximately 5/8" x 1/2".
  • Each pair of cuff links comes gift-boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Additional Product Information

Parker released Vacumatics in 1933 as their top-quality line. Initially called the "Golden Arrow" in reference to the pen top's clip, Vacumatics were eventually named for their innovative filling mechanism in which a diaphragm inside the barrel releases to create a vacuum that draws the ink into the barrel, creating a higher ink capacity. While Vacumatics were not exclusively made with the clear celluloid pattern (which allowed users to see the internal ink level) but the look is most closely associated with this line. Most importantly, the vacuum system allowed users to refill without getting ink on their hands.