Sale! Vintage Letterpress Pendant

    • Sale! Regular Price $56-78 - Now $42-70 Limited to quantities on hand.
    • This charm is crafted from an authentic vintage wooden letterpress block.
    • Due to the printing process, most letters appear reversed.
    • Letters are one of a kind, each pendant will have variations. 
    • Set in sterling silver, each charm features the scratches and wear of printing. Size, shape, font & case may vary from image. The back of the tiles have been diminished so the overall thickness is approximately 1/4".
    • Choose a pendant with your initial or favorite number. Pendant comes individually or with choice of sterling silver chain.
    • Each comes in an outer gift box & and embroidered pouch with a letter-pressed Certificate of Authenticity.
    • This item is final sale.

    Additional Product Information

    Johannes Gutenburg is credited with inventing modern movable type printing in which reusable letterpress blocks are set together in a form. From the time he invented it in the mid-15th century until the 20th century, it was one of the most widely used technique for printing books, newspapers, and other material for mass distribution. He experimented with wood letterpress blocks, whose 20th century versions are used to make this item, and mostly used stainless steel blocks. His printing press, called a "screw press," transfered the ink to the page evenly and allowed six pages per day to be printed. Gutenburg's goal was to make books more accessible to the common person since, prior to his invention, each page of a book equired its own carved wood-block. His printing of the what is now called the Gutenburgh Bible is the iconic result of his press and known for advancing the spread of ideas.