Sale! Drill Bit Cuff Links

  • GThese cuff links are crafted from authentic drill bits.
  • Set in a sterling silver 2-prong setting with swivel findings, each cuff link features a two-fluted twist drill bit. Measures approximately
    1" x 1/4".
  • Each pair of cuff links comes gift-boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Additional Product Information

The concept of a drill can be traced back to 35,000 BCE when homo sapiens started spinning a pointed rock between their hands to create holes. Using a similar technique, the hand drill was soon developed and this was made from a smooth stick attached to a flint point, which could be considered an early drill bit. The next breakthrough was the invention of the bow drill in which the string of a bowed stick is attached to the middle of the drilling stick to increase efficiency. This tool was used in ancient woodwork, stonework and dentistry and the design led to early drill presses powered by windmills or water wheels. In 1861, the twist drill bit - the type used to craft this product - was invented in Massachusetts. Originally this type of bit was produced by cutting two grooves into opposite sides of a cylindrical bar which was then twisted to create the helical flutes. With the advent of the electric motor, the first electric drill was patented in 1889, and, almost thirty years later, Black & Decker patented the first portable drill. While the hand-held drill and the twist bit are fundamental to daily do-it-yourself making, the macro scale of hole drilling is prevalent in every aspect of our world.