F-4 Phantom Rear Landing Gear Door Art

  • Warehouse Sale!
  • $250 - $800
  • This unique, collectible industrial art piece is an aluminum landing gear door of an authentic F-4 Phantom military aircraft found in the Arizona boneyards.
  • The door has been stripped and buffed to a striking high polish to display the mirror quality of the aluminum.  The contoured surface creates interesting visual effects and the backside features the rivets and data plate.
  • The F-4 Phantom was used extensively by the Navy, Marines & Air Force and saw action in Viet Nam.  It was retired from US forces in 1996.
  • Each door weighs about 10 lbs. may be mounted on the wall, however wall mounting hardware is not included.
  • Options:  Select high polish (last one available) or select natural, as found, light cleanup but no polishing (may differ from image).  Ideal for aviation collectors or as a medium for an art project.
  • Measures approximately 35" wide x 23" high x 5" deep.
  • This item is final sale.


BUY NOW:             $800.00
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