Cockpit Panel Cuff Links

    • These limited edition cuff links are crafted from authentic aircraft cockpit panels.
    • Back before today's glass screen-based controls, pilots were faced with a vast array of switches, dials, buttons and levers, each with command verbiage.
    • Selected commands are familiar terms to aviation.
    • Set in sterling silver with a swivel finding, measures approximately
      3/4" x  1-1/2". Size and verbiage vary from image.
    • Each pair of cuff links come gift-boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.


    Additional Product Information

    The cockpit, also known as the flight deck, is the area at the front of the aircraft that contains instrument panels with which the pilot controls the aircraft. The term cockpit is derived from the 16th century word "coxswain," the person navigating and steering a ship, and became associated with airplanes in the early 20th century. The instrument panels assist the pilot in navigation and engine control and keeps him aware of all aspects of the plane. Recently cockpits have become more computerized but the iconic pit still conjures images of buttons, switches and gauges.